Welcome to Taste of Recovery & MindBody Foundations, an online package of support that has been developed by ReConnected Life and presented in partnership with RASASC North Wales.

Thank you for taking this step with us.  We’re with you. And we believe you.

Taste of Recovery

Taste of Recovery has been designed as a three-week course with a daily mini lesson, no longer than 20 minutes. It will guide you through some questions and considerations. There are videos to watch and listen to, and workbooks to go through.

You do not need to follow along on a daily basis; all the resources are available to you straight away, and there is no rush as you have access to this content for as long as we can offer it.

The tool is devised into three modules:

We encourage you to work through the tool at a steady pace. There are 5 videos per module, so you could watch one video a day, and take the weekend off. Work at a pace that’s right for you. And feel free to dip in and out and take breaks. You’re in control of how you access the learning.

MindBody Foundations

Each lesson is designed to be just about ten minutes, with a worksheet for each. As with the Taste of Recovery, you can watch on video, listen on audio, or read the transcript.

Your access won’t run out, the Taste of Recovery Programme and MindBody Foundations are tools that are here for you when you need them.

Safe Place Meditation

Emily Jacob, Founder of ReConnected Life, says:

You tell the world you are fine. You tell yourself you are coping. But inside you feel fragile and broken. You numb yourself to the pain. What more should you expect? This is just how life is now, isn’t it? Not necessarily.

Taste of Recovery will help you move beyond merely coping, one day at a time. It will help you take control of your reality, and become your own rescuer.

I was where you are. This is what I needed.

Ready to Start?

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If you have any questions about Taste of Recovery or MindBody Foundations, please go to the FAQs.

If you have any questions about RASASC North Wales, please contact us during office hours on 01248 670 628 or visit our website and send an online enquiry via this link:  Contact Details | Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre North Wales (rasawales.org.uk)

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